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We are a small family kennel located on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida. Not too far from the beaches, we spend most of the year playing in the sand or swimming in our pool.  In 2015, we gave our 5 year old little girl a puppy for Christmas. She instantly fell in love with the little girl puppy, and wasted no time picking out a name for the pure white, English Cream Golden Retriever. She looked at us and said, “Her name is Snow Flake Snowy Ball, but we can just call her Snow Flake”. So when we imported a boy puppy the following year, we all decided to stick with the snow theme for a name. Snow Ball was now officially part of the family. With Snow Flake and Snow Ball being the best of friends, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the Snow Pups would arrive.

We take great pride in knowing that we offer some of the healthiest and best pedigreed golden retrievers in the state of Florida. Our sire was imported from one of the top kennels in Europe. Big, blocky, and white as snow, he is truly a once in a lifetime dog. With a pedigree full of world champions, and a slate full of health clearances, Clumbret Lucky One, aka Snow Ball, represents the breed standard perfectly. Plus, he’s super sweet and is best friends with a mini pig!

We are very proud of the health clearances and genetic testing that our dogs have undergone. And we are pleased to provide any hard copies of any testing done upon request.

All of our puppies come with an AKC limited registration number, health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, dewormed, and first round of vaccinations. Also, each of our puppies has a 1 year guarantee against any congenital defect.

In Loving Memory...

Charlie aka “Pachito”. Our namesake, our good big guy, where it all started. Charlie is on the Rainbow Bridge now, looking down on us, watching out for his family. 

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